Blogs intimidate me

And I'm lazy.

Perhaps that's why every once in a while after trolling through the likes of Apartment Therapy or Girl with a one-track mind, or any of the numerous blogs my friends write (Shamus, update!), I find myself intimidated by the frequency. The sheer number of posts they manage to put up there for the world to see. Sometimes I just don't think my ideas are very good.

But I have an idea now. This is how I'm going to get rich and famous and wind up writing articles in my pajamas like Julie Powell, authoress of Julie & Julia, which actually made me want to make aspic (although in Brooklyn, not Long Island City)...

I'll write about New York. Ha ha. Granted, that will also involve my exploits in said Metropolis and therefore secretly (or not so) be about me... Which is why you're here anyway.

My office might move in "Q3", which is a dreadful time to be moving offices. July heat along with adjusting to new commutes. By that time, however, I'll have been at this job for longer than I've done anything. Even grad school. Damn.

Basically I have to get that spark back that can so often be dulled by the desk-writing-job. It's only interesting that a distributor put togehter a "digital signage solutions division" for about fifteen minutes. More like three.

What will you wind up learning about New York? Well, seeing as it's the town where I learned to drink Whiskey, there will most likely be a lot of drinking, galavanting, browsing 5th Ave. windows on my lunch break and commenting on what I read in the NY Times.

If you haven't been paying attention, my friend Emerson's museum is doing an exhibit on Robert Moses, developer of Manhattan for like all of the twentieth century. There's a pretty cool article in The New Yorker. Check out the exhibit. Once I go I'll give you the 311.


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