Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Edamame or lima beans?

This was the thought I had while standing in line at FreshCity, waiting for the guy in front of me to stop talking on his cell phone and take his turn at the salad bar. There are so many things wrong with this situation that I don't even know where to begin...

Let me start with the rudeness involved in getting into the salad bar line while on the telephone. First, you're obviously doing something else and the salad bar requires both hands. Second, you're in close quarters, in line with other hungry human beings, and you're having a personal conversation, loudly, with someone who isn't in line with you. And finally, it's annoying.

So, when phone-guy gets off the phone, he starts walking past the entire salad bar, slowly looking at each bin of food. What does he do? Walk all the way to the end and fill a small bowl with cantaloupe, and moves on.

I was not pleased.

The second issue I had at Fresh City today: were these soy beans (edamame, the label said) or were they lima beans?

At least I'm not hungry anymore.

Friday, June 24, 2005

International cuisine, a survey.

Today for lunch I will be having Indian food. Saag paneer (spinach with cheese cubes) and some lamb saag (spinach with lamb cubes). Indian food is one of my favorites, and while I love sampling the dishes, chicken korma, chicken tika, daal punjabi... I love the saag so much that I can't help but order it every time.

Saag paneer. So good. Posted by Hello

Which got me to thinking. I also like Thai food. Chinese has always held a warm place in my heart, and who doesn't like Sunday bruch dim sum?

So, dear reader, what kind of food do you go gaga for when sampling the world's menu?

Wimbledon chic

Last night I played tennis for the first time in over five years. Oh, how I missed it!

I went with a friend over to play at the MIT courts because they have lights, and it was late in the evening. However, 1/2 of the courts were being resurfaced and had no nets, so competition for the remaining five courts with nets was fierce. We wound up playing on a netless court, but it was still good to run around and smack the balls. Gotta love tennis.

I blame the rush to the courts on Wimbledon. The annual grass-court affair just oustide of London that made Andre Agassi tone down his look back in the day. Every time there's a major tournament, the courts pack up. Alas. Next time we're going to book a court ahead of time, which you can do.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Yummy, basil! Posted by Hello

Serial ATA II and Rosemary plants

No, I don't know what the first part of that means either, and I spent all morning at a luncheon to talk about it. I just sat there, eating my cold roast beef and smiling. Wishing I had just gone to the office and played Snood.

No! I don't Snood at work, but the event did keep me from talking about today.

On my way home, I stopped by the Home Depot, your neighborhood repository for the necessities for any project you could come up with. I've been known to do some room painting, the occasional thing-hanging, and today I did some gardening. In addition to roses and other annuals, the Home Depot has herbs. Fresh, springy herb plants just waiting to be taken home and nurtured until (you guessed it!) they become food.

Growing your own herbs can lead to Rosemary chicken, Emeril's bacon-wrapped trout with tomato-thyme butter sauce, all kinds of things. And no, you don't have to be Martha Stewart. I keep mine on a windowsil in my apartment. No actual garden to speak of.

So, give it a try. Grow your own herbs. You'll like it. I promise. For the truly ambitious, start from scratch.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Love your pig!

Do you know how hard it is to find a tempting, tasty picture of pork ribs on the Internet? Harder than you might think.

But with the 4th of July coming up, I've been thinking about ribs. How when you bite into them, the warm juices run down your arm. The flavor explodes in your mouth. Washing it down with a swig of lemonade. My favorite Boston-based ribs are at Redbones. Big, fat Texas beef ribs.

However, since most of you live nowhere near Boston, chances are you'll either go somewhere else or make your own. That's the beauty of the 4th of July. The chance to kick back and barbecue with friends. Party ideas and recipes abound on the Internet, but a few of my favorites are at The Food Network and Martha Stewart's Grilling Guide. Looking for some tasty libations to serve up with those grilled treats? Click here to find out how to make everything from a mint julep to a mojito.

Barbeques are what you think about on rainy days at the end of June. Forgive me for jumping the holiday gun.

Tell me what you think

Now dear readers, I have found something that has be baffled.

The Philadelphia Eagles Belly Button Ring.

Whaaaaaa? Is this cool?

My area of expertise

My biggest weakenss is handbags. They can brighten any day. They can alter any outfit. They can make you look like a celebrity when you're wearing your pajamas if you have a nice enough bag.

The bags I own are all over the map. Some designer. Some flea market finds. Some the product of long hours of bidding on eBay. In this blog I'm going to, on occasion, showcase some of my favorite bag designers and tell you a little bit about why.

Below you will find a sweet pink bag from Kate Spade. Kate's bags have a simplicity and timelessness that a lot of designer bags are lacking. Some can be too trendy, but Kate's are always stylish.

Kate Spade Sutton Mini Perin Posted by Hello

Creepy crawly and delicious!

Today is gray and rainy, but last night, let me tell you, was a succulent remedy to a long, stressful day.

I'm talking about snow crab legs. The long, spindley orange things that you crack open, slide the sweet tender meat from, and plop, butter-soaked, into your grateful mouth. And to make it even better, the Snow Crab is Canadian! Fostering greater gastronomic relations with our sometimes skeptical neighbors to the north.

You can click here to read all about the Snow Crab.

I first learned of the Snow Crab leg and its delicousness at the most unlikely of places -- a dive bar in South Jersey called, aptly, Crabby's. I have brought friends on six hour road trips to try out this hometown favorite. (Yes, I'm from South Jersey. Go Birds!)

Crabby's has low picnic bench tables and red and white checkered table cloths with crabs on them. Each table sits waiting with a jar of oyster crackers and a jug of horseradish to much on while you wait for your steaming hot beer tray of Snow Crab. (My dad gets the sampler with King Crab, Dungeness and Blue crabs, sometimes mussells and clams, but I stick to Snow.) They have cold beer on tap, and the best strawberries and cream dessert I've ever tasted.

I have gone there for three subsequent birthdays, it's that good.

So, this morning, whatever your weather may bring, think about your favorite foods, and how they warm you up inside. I'll be thinking of my Snow Crabs.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Okay, I fixed it!

Now any of you can comment on my luscious blog without having to register. Sorry I didn't know about that earlier, or I would have saved myself a few *ahem* comments. However, I appreciate the love and the ongoing dialog!

So, in addition, I have to give a shout out to my buddy in California who reminded me that a shiny red Mustang is hotter than a diamond any day.

Yes, I would like to be a pepper too.

I am not a big soda drinker. I have my bouts with Diet Coke, but can't usually stand the way that soda's sugar coats your mouth and makes you feel gritty on the inside.

Diet Dr. Pepper, on the other hand, is a blessing from the refreshment gods. And yes, it does taste just like regular Dr. Pepper.

To continue the earlier theme of self-education, I direct my audience to Wikipedia. In particular, the Wikipedia entry on Dr. Pepper. What is this wiki-thing? A collaborative encyclopedia where anyone can edit any entry. Every day there's a daily article, so if you check it out, you'll learn something totally new every day.

Smart IS fashionable

While Gucci sunglasses and a Birkin bag may get you pretty far, it's what's inside that will make the difference between you and the next gal. Or you and the next dude, if that's who you are. In that case, nix the bag.

Anyway, where is this going? You need to stay informed, or you'll have nothing to talk about at parties. Boring is the kiss of death. How do I suggest you do it? Well, first and foremost, read the New York Times Week in Review section on Saturdays. And if you can't muster the will to drag yourself out of bed and find a $5 newspaper on a Sunday morning, at least read Frank Rich's weekly column on the web.

Other good resources to make you sound smarter because you actually ARE smarter include: The Nation,, and The Washington Post online.

I am having a bad day at work

And when one has a bad day, thoughts turn to the dark side of the force and to revenge, and then you go on typing or making phone calls (as the case may be) and bury your wrath until happy hour.

At least that's what I do.

But here's a better option. One that I've dreamed about inflicting on several ex-boyfriends who actually deserved it.

Dog poop. The breakfast of champions.

Wedding bell blues...

Okay, so this weekend both my friend Chad and my co-worker Vandana got engaged, and being the swingin' single gal that I am, I'm here to tell the world that everybody deserves diamonds.

Now, I'm completely ignoring the diamond-driven civil wars that have ravaged parts of Africa, and the overall business ethics of some of the industry's players, but these things are just precious.

The right hand ring! The thing that makes me think it's going to be okay. The diamond for ladies who either already engagement rings, or who don't plan on getting them any time soon. I love these things. They've got the art deco sensibility of some of the best old-school Manhattan hotels, but you don't have to sell your soul to anybody. I totally plan on getting myself one for my 30th birthday (whether or not I'm attached)!

That's what I spent this morning's marketing meeting thinking about. Diamonds. Romance. And why the heck don't I just promise to love myself. Like that episode of Sex in the City where Carrie loses her Manolo Blahnik shoes and her married friend tells her to get over it, so she registers for them. Her friend realizes that she's been "relationship-ist", and gets her the shoes.

Love yourself kids.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Breakfast at sea.  Posted by Hello

Where the recipes are...

For anyone out there who hasn't been to the wonderful, fabulous,, go there immediately. The site compiles the recipes from both Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines.

However, it is not for the faint of heart. Beware that you will be face-to-face with recipes for such amazing delights as pork and polenta lasagna, tiramisu, scalllops provencale and more things to do with apricots than you knew existed.

I tried to put up a picture of some lovely beef tenderloin with hand-cut fries, but I haven't figured out picture posting yet. Never fear though. I shall!

To follow through on the promise of tasty food pics, here's a shot of breakfast aboard a blue cruise last year off the coast of Turkey. Me and 13 other hapless travellers found themselves aboard a magnificient ship, about to sink under the weight of the tasty victuals aboard, and each day wound up being more delightful than the last.

Welcome to Eats and!

I'm starting this blog to get a job freelancing for Microsoft. I just wrote a series on blogging and IT, focusing on Microsoft, so chances are if they hire me, I'm going to have to quit my day job and say a little prayer... It's been a while since I relied on my income from chick folk singing.

The ad said that they were looking to hire folks in five areas: sports, technology, music, television and food/fashion/style. I'm the style-master! And quite the chef, if I do say so myself. So, how could they pick anyone else?

What did the duck say when it walked into the bar?