International cuisine, a survey.

Today for lunch I will be having Indian food. Saag paneer (spinach with cheese cubes) and some lamb saag (spinach with lamb cubes). Indian food is one of my favorites, and while I love sampling the dishes, chicken korma, chicken tika, daal punjabi... I love the saag so much that I can't help but order it every time.

Saag paneer. So good. Posted by Hello

Which got me to thinking. I also like Thai food. Chinese has always held a warm place in my heart, and who doesn't like Sunday bruch dim sum?

So, dear reader, what kind of food do you go gaga for when sampling the world's menu?


619poser said…
while we're on the subject of indian food, i need to give a shoutout to the good people of goa. no, not gun owners of america (thanks a lot google) but the inhabitants of the goan region of india, which as far as i can tell distinguishes itself on two main fronts:

1. back in colonial times, they were owned by the portuguese and not the english.

2. through a freakish accident of nature, they are all born with lead-lined palates.

maybe not, but it's hard to otherwise explain goan food. i've had it in a local indian restaurant here in san diego, and it's pretty tasty. i had it once in London, which presumably makes it a little more authentic, and, well, it was orgasmic, an unexplainable meshing of spices and textures and searing heat. halfway through my dish, as the tears ran down my cheeks from the pain and the pleasure, i think i saw jesus in the corner. he was laughing at me. damn hippie.

anyway, they know what they're doing over there. for a brief article, click here.
Michael said…
Argentinian. Definitely argentinian...

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