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Now dear readers, I have found something that has be baffled.

The Philadelphia Eagles Belly Button Ring.

Whaaaaaa? Is this cool?


619poser said…
so given that this is a style blog, i have a question that's been floating around in my head for some time. is it ok for your pubic hair to show above the waistline of your pants? when did this become acceptable? i'm not talking "i'm going to a club in my slutty pants." i'm talking casual workplace business meeting.

in my day, the economy was robust enough so that levi's could afford to make reasonable-waistline pants. where oh where is billary now?
Greg said…
I've never spotted any pubes at my place of work. This must be a southern CA thing. Are you in the porn industry?
shvinsk said…
I can also say I have not seen pubes at work, but am opposed to the notion. Maybe California is nastier than we thought?

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