Wedding bell blues...

Okay, so this weekend both my friend Chad and my co-worker Vandana got engaged, and being the swingin' single gal that I am, I'm here to tell the world that everybody deserves diamonds.

Now, I'm completely ignoring the diamond-driven civil wars that have ravaged parts of Africa, and the overall business ethics of some of the industry's players, but these things are just precious.

The right hand ring! The thing that makes me think it's going to be okay. The diamond for ladies who either already engagement rings, or who don't plan on getting them any time soon. I love these things. They've got the art deco sensibility of some of the best old-school Manhattan hotels, but you don't have to sell your soul to anybody. I totally plan on getting myself one for my 30th birthday (whether or not I'm attached)!

That's what I spent this morning's marketing meeting thinking about. Diamonds. Romance. And why the heck don't I just promise to love myself. Like that episode of Sex in the City where Carrie loses her Manolo Blahnik shoes and her married friend tells her to get over it, so she registers for them. Her friend realizes that she's been "relationship-ist", and gets her the shoes.

Love yourself kids.


Michael said…
Chad got engaged? Go Chad...

As for wedding bell blues, fret not. A friend of mine got into a fight with her mother over invitations. She ranted about it on a bridal bulletin board. Her mother, googling to see who was correct about said disagreement, found her daughter's rants and recognized herself. Then she went back to read about everything her daughter ever complained about. Needless to say, disaster has ensued.

Takehome message: weddings are for chumps.
shvinsk said…
Hallelujah to that one. Other message, never post stuff about your mother that you wouldn't scream in her face. Oy.
619poser said…
Chad, congrats dude, call me. I'm seriously you guys.

As for you, Ms. Schvinsk, weddings are indeed for chumps, but to spend big time ends to subsidize the wedding industry's premier bully (the diamond cartel) does not say to me "success and independence." It says "50 9-year-olds died in Botswana so that I may convince myself that being single is OK." Please, please, I beg, when you hit 30, if you must make a statement, use that money on a 'Stang.

So, so sexy.

Michael, you CT people are just weird.

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