Creepy crawly and delicious!

Today is gray and rainy, but last night, let me tell you, was a succulent remedy to a long, stressful day.

I'm talking about snow crab legs. The long, spindley orange things that you crack open, slide the sweet tender meat from, and plop, butter-soaked, into your grateful mouth. And to make it even better, the Snow Crab is Canadian! Fostering greater gastronomic relations with our sometimes skeptical neighbors to the north.

You can click here to read all about the Snow Crab.

I first learned of the Snow Crab leg and its delicousness at the most unlikely of places -- a dive bar in South Jersey called, aptly, Crabby's. I have brought friends on six hour road trips to try out this hometown favorite. (Yes, I'm from South Jersey. Go Birds!)

Crabby's has low picnic bench tables and red and white checkered table cloths with crabs on them. Each table sits waiting with a jar of oyster crackers and a jug of horseradish to much on while you wait for your steaming hot beer tray of Snow Crab. (My dad gets the sampler with King Crab, Dungeness and Blue crabs, sometimes mussells and clams, but I stick to Snow.) They have cold beer on tap, and the best strawberries and cream dessert I've ever tasted.

I have gone there for three subsequent birthdays, it's that good.

So, this morning, whatever your weather may bring, think about your favorite foods, and how they warm you up inside. I'll be thinking of my Snow Crabs.


619poser said…
did we ever establish whether or not i have gone to crabbie's? if i did, are we allowed to say?
shvinsk said…
I do believe that you have been there. It's official.
619poser said…
ok, now i am in trouble, and so are you. we need to schedule you-know-who on a trip to AC tout-suit.

i would apoplogize for the inside info, but we're amongst friends here.

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