Inappropriate subway behavior?

So, I'm riding on the Q train this morning, listening to a podcast of This American Life, and I'm standing next to this beautiful man. He's tall. Has these light blue eyes. Absolutely adorable. No wedding ring. Reading The New Yorker and, unfortunately, listening to an iPod!

Are iPods ruining my potential subway-based date seeking? It's not like you can tap someone on the shoulder and be all, "Hey! Are you single! Take that shit out of your ear!" Or can you?

Is it inappropriate to kiss a stranger on a train?

Just curious.


Nicole said…
It makes a better impression if you kiss them on the mouth.

Just sayin'.
comment dit-on said…
Let me get this straight -- you're listening to a podcast but are hating on his iPod? (Just wondering ...)
shvinsk said…
I was hating on my iPod too at that moment :)

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