The Beauty of Deviled Eggs

Those who have eaten with me before know that I'm kind of... well. Picky. I don't like fish, mushrooms, green bell peppers, things that are too spicy, pickles, mayonnaise, to name a few.

So, for most of my life, I avoided deviled eggs as they were, in my mind, a mayonnaise-based food and therefore inherently disgusting. Even the smell of mayonnaise makes me a little bit queasy. Imagining putting it in my mouth makes me hurl a tiny bit.

However, a trip to visit M & E in North Carolina in May changed my mind forever about the deviled egg. E made some using a recipe from Paula Deen that involved not only mayonnaise, but relish, a pickle-derived food and therefore, inedible in my world. I agreed, reluctantly, to try one and god damn! Deviled eggs are delicious!

In the ensuing weeks, I found myself craving deviled eggs at random times. Like at 8 p.m. on a Tuesday while watching American Idol, I decided that it was time for deviled eggs. This set off a trend of finishing with deviled egg preparation sometime around 11 p.m., which is okay, but not ideal.

I made them for myself. I made them for book club. (I would eat them in a house. I would eat them with a mouse...) And on Saturday, I made them for me and some friends before we head to a sticky hot summer barbecue. This is an actual picture of my actual deviled eggs. (I also got a new camera recently, so you'll be inundated with photos in the coming weeks...)

I also took a picture of my CSA basil plant, growing quite well where my former basil plant met its untimely demise. Caprese salad here I come!


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