Ten Hours to Harry Potter Time!

I ordered my copy months ago from Amazon.com, and have managed to keep the fact that the final installment of Harry's epic battle against the forces of evil and the Dark Lord who threatens both wizard and muggle-kind with death and destruction somewhere in the back of my mind.

This week, however, that's been virtually impossible. Even my computer industry rag has gone and written a story about how Harry's been leaked and how computer security professionals think it could have been averted. There are photos of pages of the book on the Interwebs. There are articles about how several companies shipping the book screwed up and let it arrive before the 12:01 a.m. official release time being marked by celebrations at book stores the world over. There are spoilers threatening me at every corner. The New York Times even got a copy at a book store, or so it said, and reviewed it.

But I am determined to stay away from the fray and wait until my copy arrives to find out what happens.

This, however, is harder than I thought it would be. I imagine this is what it's like to be addicted to something like crack or heroin. Your mind constantly wanders to your next fix. Imagining its sweetness. Imagining the smell of the pages, fresh from the press. Their thick, pulpy texture. The black typeface. The illustrations... The nubby feel of the book jacket...

I'm almost drooling now. Here's to hoping Harry makes it and the forces of evil are put to rest at last. One good thing I've gleaned from trying to avoid the coverage of the biggest book launch in the history of mankind, unlike The Sopranos, the most loved mafia tale since The Godfather Part II, this one actually has an end that makes sense. Closure, if you will. Thank god.

But I guess I'll see for myself tomorrow! Anyone else suffering from Harry-lust?


comment dit-on said…
I waited until today to purchase the book in question. And am forcing myself to be at the gym, sweating on a torture, um I mean cardio machine, in order to read it. (Yeah, you can bet your ass that I'm going to make it to the gym every day this week and do at least 40 minutes of cardio at a pop.)
Shamus7474 said…
I'm waiting for my mom to finish reading hers. Then I'll borrow it. Are you enjoying it?
alyce said…
hello miss.
i would venture to guess that you have completed harry potter by now. how was it?

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