Saving the Earth, One Coffee Sleeve at a Time

I recently came across something that I find delightful enough to share with my audience and know that I plan on ordering one (probably the one named Jennifer) because I think it's a great idea.

The re-usable coffee sleeve!

These fabric sleeves slide onto your take-out coffee cup, a la Starbucks, and keep you from burning your tender fingers while refraining from taking that extra cardboard sleeve and single-handedly ruining the Amazon rain forest.

But seriously, I've found myself becoming increasingly concerned with things like my own "carbon footprint" and actually consider "off-setting my emissions" when I fly to Los Angeles for work next week. I partly blame the incessant media chatter about how global warming is screwing up weather patterns all over the world, which it is, and then watching things like National Geographic's recent special "Six Degrees Could Change the World," which chronicles the global carnage that will result with each degree the earth's average temperature increases. If we bump that sh*t up five degree's we're all doomed. I'm not kidding. Global warming is already killing old French people by the thousand. If we hit six degrees, it's like the seven plagues of Egypt or something.

Please people. Recycle.

Even though recycling is among the stuff white people like that make them feel good about themselves, like the Toyota Prius and ethnic diversity.

Back to saving the earth. I've also been noticing that regular non-Whole Foods grocery stores are starting to catch on with greener practices. The Key Foods grocery store near my house is now selling eco-friendly tote bags next to the check out lanes. Yesterday a wine shop gave me a canvas tote to take my wine home. Fancy! So, I wind up advertising the wine shop for free by carrying their bag, but they didn't give me one of those opaque black plastic bags that wine shops tend to use which I'm pretty sure will outlast human existence.

But before I get too bleak:

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comment dit-on said…
Silly question: why not bring your own mug, avec handle ... to avoid finger burnage and be even more enviro?
alyce said…
if you start saving your compost, i will totally come pick it up and drop it at the farm.

it cuts WAY down on your garbage. and gives the local farm more fertilizer

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