Signed, Sealed... Not yet delivered.

I just licked and sealed the envelope with my signed contract for the Park Slope CSA, along with a check to pay for what promises to be a bounty of organic, fresh, locally-grown goodness. I got an ever-other-week share, as I live alone in a small apartment and don't tend to make my own lunch. And often not my own dinner... But I'm going to try this year!

A CSA - Community Supported Agriculture program - is
"a partnership between a community and a farm. The farmer gets a guaranteed income and market for his produce. The community gets great local, organic food in return", according to the Park Slope group's web site. "Basically, you buy a "share" in a farm. The farmer uses your money to... farm! Then each Thursday he delivers a truckload of produce to the Garden at Union. Members stop by in the afternoon and evening to pickup their share of food."

The shares I chose include in-season vegetables from the Windflower Farm.

From the web site:

Windflower Farm is a small, organic farm in upstate New York, nestled on 38 acres in the Taconic Hill country between Saratoga Springs and the Vermont border. It's an area made beautiful by the mix of small farms, open fields and wooded landscapes.

Doesn't that sound lovely?

I'm also signing on for the fruit share, which will bring me sun-ripened, gorgeous peaches, plums, pears, apples and berries. The flower share is something I've never tried before and am looking forward to receiving fresh flowers every other week for the bulk of the summer. I also made a donation towards subsidizing a share through the program's Share-a-Share fund. (They also accept food stamps, which is awesome.)

The woman organizing the contract mailing said that new members could begin sending in their contracts starting April 16. Which is Wednesday. And mine is already waiting to hit the mailbox! I guess I'll be un-greedy and wait til then to put it in the mail, but I'm a) terribly excited about the whole idea and b) overly paranoid that they're not going to have a share for me!

But I realize this is irrational, and its a volunteer organization and returning members have priority til April 15. But that envelope is going in the box on April 16!

In the meantime, today I had a low-carb wrap and got a bottle of water for lunch from the deli across the street. I usually just refill my Nalgene bottle, but I had to put it through the dishwasher as it got a little smelly (thanks Julie!). The sandwich came in a plastic box that isn't recyclable, but the water bottle is.

After watching last night's Human Footprint on National Geographic, which I highly recommend even if the script is at times corny and the sheer volume of everything starts to be wearying, I was physically unable to let go of the bottle above the trash can, as was my normal slightly-guilty habit. It's now empty and in my handbag so that I can take it home for recycling.


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