Better Than American Idol

If you're alive and on Earth right now, chances are you have been inundated today with chatter and news about the American Idol battle of the Davids in which David Cook stole the crown from would-be front-runner and all-around-adorable kid David Archuleta.

Over the course of today I've managed to forgive Fox for purposefully having the show run over its alloted time slot so that my recording on my DVR cut off right here... "The winner of American Idol is... David...." END. Yes, folks. That really happened. I have had to move on, and let it go.

I confess that I love watching American Idol, especially when the singers are bad because being a normal person, I'm wicked into Shadenfreude.

However, tonight, the real Best Reality Show Ever starts up on Fox...


So You Think You Can Dance is simply awesome. 20 highly trained dancers doing choreographed, costumed routines in so many dance styles your head will spin. Everything from waltzes to hip hop to krumping to the Argentine Tango. It's that awesome.

I highly advocate watching this show.

And as a bit of a teaser, I've included this snippet from one of the best performances last season.


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