Second Chances

I know I have been a harsh critic of Elizabeth Gilbert in the past, but I am giving "Eat, Pray, Love" another look, and I think perhaps the first time I read it I was not in the right place in my life to get much out of it. I found her navel-gazing irritating. Her flakiness maddening.

But sometimes in life you have to give things another look. Re-open old books. Give old relationships another try and see if maybe who you are now will be more compatible with the other.

I am reading about Gilbert's experiences with meditation, grieving and letting go of old loves and her old life. Opening yourself up to the new and trying to move forward. It's harder than I would like it to be, and reading about her experiences has helped me both look at things in new ways and has made me feel less alone.

There's a conversation I read last night about letting go of your old connections -- in her case her last lover -- and even if you love them and wish them well, you have to stop obsessing and open your mind so that the universe can fill it with love and its new possibilities... I liked that. It made me sleep well, and I haven't been sleeping well.


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