A Shout-Out to SoJo...

Well, it's not so much a shout out as a blisteringly funny yet somehow soul crushing blog post from an old friend from high school mocking what was, until I was in middle school, our local "mall." It's just that depressing.

Check it out.

I'm not usually a post-thief, but he does capture the essence of the Shore Mall in ways I think need no further elaboration.


AutumnHeart said…
Oh my God, I ***SO*** specifically looked up the Shore Mall on Deadmalls.com just, like, two weeks ago.

I had no idea bout the water fountain filled with roaches, though. THAT'S pretty fabulous.

It's funny, whenever Marc is all, "I want to go back to Ocean City and see all the places you used to hang out when you were in high school," sometimes I feel like I have to make shit up ;p

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