Tonight at 7 p.m. I am slated to experience kickboxing for the first time. My sister tells me its a lot like Tae Bo, which I love, so perhaps it will not be as difficult as I'm imagining it will be. The only thing I don't like about Tae Bo is that Billy Banks wears spandex and has a sizeable package. For some reason a dude in tight pants doing kicks and lunges is just not very manly.

What will probably be difficult will be trudging up my stairs after kickboxing.

Anyone done the kickboxing and have something to say about it?

On a more annoying note, never read the blogs of your exes. You find out awful things like that they're getting married and you want to chuck rocks at your computer screen. Best to let dead dogs stay that way.


619poser said…
i don't know much about kickboxing, but i do know this: if you're in the middle of a match and someone calls the gym looking for you, NEVER abandon your defensive posture when your name is called. even if it is ione skye.

other than that, there's some crap about don "the dragon" wilson, and that's all i know.

so... i'll be the first to ask: what happened to food and fashion?
shvinsk said…
The food and fashion thing started as a means of getting a job at Microsoft. In the meantime, I got another job and figured there was a whole world of things to write about. Besides "the otherwise fabulous" covers a lot of stuff.

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