Un-intelligent debate

Did you see the crap in the NY Times legitimizing the fact that people are trying to push the Intelligent Design debate?

Giving them press just makes them think they're actually on to something! I think it's utter crap that we have an entire movement in this supposedly educated country that publicly says that god must have made living things because they're sooooo complicated. God damn, our puny minds make me sick.

Why must pseudo-scientists and advocates of creationism trod on legitimate theories and scientific thought? I mean, just because I don't remember how to do calculus doesn't mean that God does...

The more important question is this -- where is the line between tolerence and the rejection of bad ideas? The entire debate is indulging people who have nothing but this myserious quality called "faith" into trying to undermine American intellectual pursuit. Can you imagine sitting in a sixth grade classroom and being told that some people think that different forms of live evolved over millions of years through a series of identifiable processes, or that God did it?

Your head would explode.

I rarely get this agitated about a subject, but the Times covering this boondoogle is making me want to chuck rocks and my newspaper delivery boy for helping spread the poison of anti-intellectual closed-mindedness that is going to bury this country if we don't step up to the plate and get progressive.

Keep your Bible in your pants.

I think this post may keep me from ever holding a government office outside of New York or Massachusetts, and I won't play the pandering Democrat and say that faith is important to me too when thinking about my politics. Negotiating politics isn't about God. Nor is impossible to believe that things beyond our understanding will someday make sense without a magic sorcerer waving his wand.


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