Totally remiss, but with good reason

Team. I have moved to Manhattan, and now I have my internet connection hooked up, so I can resume my meandering around the universe of blog.

What has happened. My sister got a puppy. Max.

Max is the cutest dog on the face of the earth, but apparently too much to handle in a studio in a high-rise, so it seems that Max is going to move to New Jersey and take up residence sea-side with my parents. We believe that Max will greatly enjoy romping through the bay and chasing after things like turtles and foxes.

I now live in a little -- I mean little -- 1 bedroom apartment on the upper east side, and it's delightful! I shall post photos later when I get back home. Right now I'm staring across the bay at Atlantic City, wishing it weren't too hot to sit outside and loiter.

As for the world beyond my own back yard. This Intelligent Design argument is absolute crap, and someone needs to just say "No, this is crap, and we are not indulging your weirdo persecution complex and talking about it." Why must the Right-wing nuts think that their ideas are persecuted for being Christian when they're actually dismissed for being just plain wrong?


619poser said…
actually, i persecute their ideas precisely because they're christian. if these people didn't have the weight of the church behind them, they'd be just another nutcase yelling idiocies at govy center, and there'd be no need for persecution. as it is, you can spout the most astounding bullshit and be taken seriously as long as you weave in something about a virgin birth, cracker-eating cannibals, and a fat man in a red suit and a bunny who are in thre for no particular reason.

good to have you back.

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