A man walks into a talent agent's office and tells him he has the greatest family act he will ever see... and so it goes. The Aristocrats, a documentary on the oldest, dirtiest joke in comedy, is an exquisite excuse to laugh obnoxiously loudly in a public place.

I highly recommend this film!

What I do not recommend, however, is participating in the consumption of three pitchers of Stella Artois and two shots of tequila at the Cedar Tavern afterwards. I used to go to the Cedar Tavern with an ex-boyfriend when we had trysts in Manhattan, but what stands out in my mind about the place is a scene from Augusten Burroughs' memoir about alcoholism, Dry. In the book, Burroughs meets a buddy at the tavern and drinks himself into oblivion in a very earnest and disturbing way.

Looking up at the ornate hardwood bar with scowling carved lions peering back, you can almost imagine him sitting there, sliding off the stool. Doomed.


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