Winning grass

Yes folks, it's true. The Boston Red Sox have officially gone too far in trying to capitalize on their 2004 World Series victory. I kid you not, the team is selling pieces of the field.

Championship sod.

"Preserve your own piece of Red Sox History" reads the web site.

After the 2004 Red Sox championship season, the entire field was replaced and the infield was preserved. Under the watchful eye of MLB authenticators, portions of the field were removed, transported and transplanted on a turf farm in Rhode Island.

A limited amount of Fenway Championship Sod is now available to become a part of Red Sox fans' lawns and gardens.

Your piece of Red Sox history
The sod will be cut into 18" x 9" rectangles and can be purchased for $150 (plus 5% sales tax).

This is the only thing that I have found today that is more ridiculous than my car insurance company telling me it would cost $3,000 to insure a Honda Civic. I cried.

And then I switched to Geico.

And fifteen minutes saved me $1,400.

I feel I should promote them for decidedly not sucking.


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