Beware Vonage...

Now, I was all for IP Telephony, and the use of my cable modem as a telephone and then I ordered Vonage. Feedback issues, apparently they have problems working on Panasonic phones (which I have) and now... Now the buggers won't actually cancel my service even though I've called twice to do so. I've just been transferred to account management.

On the other hand, today my weekday subscription of the NY Times kicked back in, and of course I just picked it up on my way out the door. But I didn't know it would be there, so tomorrow we'll see if I go down beforehand and get it.

Day four at my new job and I still haven't gotten any real work. So far I've e-mailed one dude about interviewing him because of his status as a "technology innovator."

In the meantime, I slept 12 hours last night. I got home at 6 and was going to lay down for a few minutes before going to kickboxing, and was out cold. I missed kickboxing, got irate voicemails from the sister I was supposed to kickbox with, and then slept for another 11 hours. I feel great today!

Here's an interesting article on getting enough sleep.


Anonymous said…
Don't kid yourself! You know you heard that phone ring -- you just didn't want to go sweat your ass of in kickboxing! Sleeping is mmmmuuuuch more fun! :)


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