Walken 2008

From time to time, the rich and famous think that being rich and famous entitles them to do things like hold public office, and of all the peculiar folks to step into the political arena lately none is more bizarre than Christopher Walken.

Yup, Walken 2008.

The dude who played the evil angel in The Prophecy, who held a watch in his arse in Pulp Fiction, and who occasionally plays a useless psychic on Saturday Night Live would like to be the leader of the free world.

At least Warren Beatty had made Bulworth before thinking about running for office, and Sonny Bono just went for the House of Representatives seat in Palm Springs, where everyone knew he'd look out for their golf-and-martini interests.

But seriously. Have you ever heard Christopher Walken speak? It's terrifying. Perhaps that would keep folks like Castro, Putin and Kim Jong Il at bay, but mostly you'd have a nation of frightened children every time he got up to give the State of the Union address.


619poser said…
"look... i really think you oughta stop bombing our cities... i mean it's really bad... i don't want to seem rude but... i really want you to stop. care for some champagna?"

i mean, is walken any less retarded a choice than ahnold or the chimp we currently have in there? honestly now.

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